Fern the Kid arrives at Woodstock Sanctuary

9 years ago by WoodstockSanctuary

(BE SURE TO HIT THE "HQ" BUTTON FOR SHARPEST IMAGE) Fern is a baby goat who was born at a goat milk and meat farm in upstate NY. Several weeks ago a caring individual stopped by the farm to have a closer look at all the baby goats she could see from the road. She immediately saw evidence of neglect. One little goat in particular caught her attention - one of her legs was dangling from an obvious break and the tips or her ears were bloody & scabbed from frost bite. When the woman inquired about her leg the farmer shrugged, saying that Fern probably got it caught in a fence and it would heal on its own. Unable to deal with such suffering, she purchased Fern for $20 and got her to a vet, who was able to set her leg in a splint. She then called us, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and we welcomed her with open arms. Almost immediately young Fern made lots of new friends and is enjoying her new-found life of freedom, nurturing care, and all the love she'll ever need.