Rescued Calf Relocated to Sanctuary With PETA's Help

3 years ago by officialpeta, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatm

After officials in Riverside County, California, confiscated an allegedly stolen calf from the backseat of a compact car and placed her on a dairy farm, PETA asked the county to send the calf to an accredited farmed animal sanctuary instead. Riverside County officials agreed to release the young calf into PETA's care, and with Farm Sanctuary's help, the calf was moved to the sanctuary's Animal Acres shelter in nearby Acton.

On dairy farms, cows are treated as nothing more than milk machines. Most cows endure a constant cycle of artificial insemination and are forced to produce up to 4.5 times as much milk as they naturally would, which often leads to painful conditions such as udder infections (mastitis) and lameness. People can help reduce this suffering simply by ditching dairy products.

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