Mercury vs. Omega-3s for Brain Development

4 years ago by NutritionFactsOrg,

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DESCRIPTION: Risk/benefit analysis of 33 fish species contrasts the brain boosting effects of DHA with the brain damaging effects of mercury to determine the net effect on intelligence (IQ).

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The "package deal" concept is a recurring one (see, for example, New Mineral Absorption Enhancers Found, Yes, dairy products are the #1 source of calcium in the U.S., but they're also the #1 source of saturated fat. Thankfully there's a way to get calcium without all this baggage and the same with DHA (and iron, and protein, and...).
It is a rare circumstance where I recommend supplements, but there is at least one (vitamin B12) that is critical for those eating plant-based diets. My latest summary of recommendations can be found here (

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