Male Fertility and Diet

5 years ago by NutritionFactsOrg,

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DESCRIPTION: Dioxins, endocrine disrupting pollutants, heavy metals, saturated fat, and steroids in the meat supply may be affecting sperm counts, semen quality, and the ability of men to conceive.

The video I reference about the endocrine disrupting industrial pollutants in fish is Xenoestrogens & Sperm Counts ( More on the hormones used in meat production in Anabolic Steroids in Meat ( Then there's Dioxins in the Food Supply ( for those that want to avoid dietary dioxin exposure.

I also cover male fertility in Soy Hormones & Male Infertility ( and female fertility in Meat Hormones & Female Infertility (

My videos on heavy metal exposure (dietary as opposed to auditory) include:

• Cannibalistic Feed Biomagnification (
• Dietary Theory of Alzheimer's (
• Drug Residues in Meat (
• Filled Full of Lead (
• Get the Lead Out (
• Heavy Metals in Protein Powder Supplements (
• Nerves of Mercury (
• Some Ayurvedic Medicine Worse Than Lead Paint Exposure (

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