Couldn't Give Up My Cheese

5 years ago by VeganSmythe, Vegan Smythe

Its on iTUNES - In this video you'll meet my close friend Susie Sunrise who says she loves all animals but couldn't give up her cheese.

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My thanks go to all my wonderful voice-over artists (listed below), Melanie Jean Fisher for her brilliant (and potentially viral) vegan dancing and choreography and Jo-Anne McArthur from We Animals for her beautiful photographs

Here's the voice-over artists - it could have been you! :

Annelie Böttger
Barbara Helen
Deanna Watson
Ellie Spikin
Greg McFarlane
Karen Allen
Kassi Jenkins
Laura Evans
Marianita Landeros
Michael Allen
Nicola Brooke
Nicole Lily Kearns
Peter Maresch
Richie Fruitbat
Robyn McLean
Sam Fruitbat
Sue Ripley