Mercy For Animals Staging Pork Protest Outside SLC Walmart

5 years ago by mercyforanimals

(KUTV) You may enjoy bacon or a pork chop on your plate, but a demonstration in Salt Lake City aims to get you to think about how it got there.

Mercy for Animals staged a protest outside the Walmart store on 300 West to call attention to the use of gestation crates by some of the store's pork suppliers. The gestational crates are small metal cages used to house pregnant sows. They are used, animal activists say, by Walmart's pork suppliers. Mercy for Animals calls the crates inhumane. They want the store to phase out the use of the crates as many other store chains have already done.

Smith's Grocery and its parent company Kroger have already made the switch. A store spokesperson says customers wanted more humane treatment of animals and Smith's is determined to recognize and act upon the wants of its customers. Smith's started phasing out the gestational crates last year, a process that takes time, but animal activists say it's a move in the right direction. Smith's conducts audits to ensure humane treatment of animals by its suppliers.

KUTV reached out Walmart for information on the practices of its suppliers, but had not yet received a response.